Reelin’ In the Years

It’s been a while, but I’m back with statistics from 2022:

These are the top ten most read blogs last year: 1. Halfway Round the World 2. In My Head 3. Clarity 4. Reflections of My Life 5. Goodbye to Love 6. Guest Blog #6 7. Guest Blog #7 8. Do You Believe? 9. Last Night I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All 10. Victim of Love

The blog now has 97 followers

The most popular time to read the blog was Friday night at 9pm

Total views for the year: 3,753

Top 10 countries reading the blog last year: 1. United States 2. United Kingdom 3. Canada 4. Ireland 5. New Zealand 6. Australia 7. Netherlands 8. China 9. Philippines 10. Finland

The average reader:

Has been in a physically abusive relationship

Feels stuck, mainly inside of their own head

Loves the leaves changing color in the Fall

Believes that Hell exists

Majority were born in May

Have never been married

Would call or text a friend if they felt lonely

Want or need to learn more about setting boundaries

Believe that rape is a form of physical abuse and can take place within a marriage

Do not know what it means to have energy work done on themselves

Are working on their co-dependency issues

Most are currently seeing a therapist

Have been in love fewer than five times

Have had two surgeries

And most do not follow religious protocol or go to services…some do go to church on Easter or Christmas

I hope your year has started out happy and that everyone is well. I will be back with more blogs soon. Guest blogs always welcome.


2 thoughts on “Reelin’ In the Years

  1. Was just thinking the other day, how I haven’t seen the blog in a while… 🙂 Meant to reach out. But, we “saw” each other just a couple of weeks ago, right? On Zoom group… plus, Facebook! Glad you’re back


  2. THESE are great statistics. I am finding through observation that most abusers will find someone single who has no one watching out for them and no support group. I experienced abuse at the hands of a female Catholic former friend who I finally realized was a Sociopathic Narcissist and I warned a single girl I know, and lo and behold this woman is going after this younger friend of mine who is single with no one watching. I am speaking of emotional and religious abuse. THANK YOU for ALL of your hard work and these statistics are more than fascinating. The people who I have seen and met on the Zoom all seem to have a sort of isolation that they project at least on the zoom. It is heartbreaking to see how trauma isolates individuals. And Isolated individuals are targeted by these predators. Happy New Year Everyone. May you find relief from this inner pain in huge measure this coming year!


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