Same Old Lang Syne

Some weird stuff happened with the site this year and I thought I had lost most of my poll results. But then, I found the rest of the results….so..who are we, really…. we people of SNAP? Read on to find out more. The following were the top answers only in this year’s polls. The use of “I” is used to speak using the most common answer(s), basically if the “average” SNAP person was answering.

I have sleep issues because of my abuse.

I am most thankful for the knowledge that I gained about the corruption in the Catholic Church.

Last March, I was either choosing not to get a COVID shot, waiting for my second shot, or unable to get set up with an appointment to get a shot (tied for first answer).

I have at least one and perhaps more than one dog.

My family gets along fine. If I am estranged from a family member, it is most likely my children.

I have received many signs from spirits.

I have been sexually harassed at work by a co-worker or a boss at least once, and perhaps many times.

I am content with my life.

If the happy times of my life were written into a book, the book would be as long as a dime store romance novel.

Am I paranoid? I don’t think anybody cares about what I do.

Yes, I have been a victim of at least one prank phone call in my life.

Romantic love just never seems to work for me.

I want to be alone when I am depressed.

There was no incest in my childhood.

I believe that priests who commit crimes should go to jail.

My mother is deceased

I contact friends at least once a day by either text, email, social media, phone call, or visit.

I seem to attract narcissists and unhealthy relationships such as with the priest.

What is a vulnerable adult? All of these: an imbalance of power situation, someone who does not question authority, a trusting person, someone who fears going to Hell, someone who is drugged, lonely, someone in counselling, someone who is depressed or has other mental health issues, someone who is inexperienced, someone who is emotionally distraught, mentally challenged, physically incapacitated, or psychologically gaslighted.

I would not buy a gift for someone in my family who will not speak to me. I would cut them out of my life.

My father is deceased.

I either have a couple of security cameras where I live for safety, or I have no safety plan and I hope for the best (tied answers).

I have never been called names or have never been bullied for my sexual orientation or anything to do with my sex life.

I prefer to drink hot or iced coffee when I am relaxing.

I believe that this world is getting more divided in its views and beliefs.

No, I do not believe in aliens.

My abuser is still alive.

I am currently married.

Now on to next year and new polls to take…. Again, thank you and Happy New Year

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